School holiday fun: easy craft ideas for kids

School holiday fun: easy craft ideas for kids

Posted Jan 09, 2018
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Are you looking for some fun activities to keep your kids entertained these school holidays? Our list of easy craft ideas for kids gives you plenty of projects to choose from. From DIY chalkboards to slime recipes, there’s bound to be something that they’ll love.

1. DIY Chalkboard

DIY Chalkboard

Pick up some chalk paint and let your kids create their own DIY chalkboard. Chalk paint is available in a range of colours and can turn wood, metal, plaster board or glass into a chalkboard! We’d recommend using a smooth wooden board as the base.

Tools and materials:

•  Chalkboard paint
•  Foam roller
•  Chalk
•  Surface to paint on

2. Hand Painting

Hand Painting

One of our favourite easy craft ideas for kids is hand painting. This project is worlds of fun for younger kids and doesn’t take long to set up. All you need is acrylic paint, a paper plate to use as a palette for each colour and paper or a canvas board. We’d also recommend laying down a protective sheet on the table and using painting shirts or old clothes in case things get a bit messy (which is all part of the fun!).

Tools and materials:

•  Poster paint
•  Foam roller
•  Canvas panel
•  Paper plates

3. DIY Magnets

DIY Magnets

Creating magnets is a great holiday project for children and will also brighten up the fridge. For this project you can either collect your own materials (plaster, a plaster mold, paint, magnets and glue) or use a pre-prepared kit such as the Mont Marte Fridge Magnet Sets.

Tools and materials:

  Mont Marte Fridge Magnet Set

4. Chalk Games

Sidewalk Chalk

This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Let your kids colour their world with sidewalk chalk. If you’re stuck for ideas, the team at Active for Life have put together a list of classic chalk games that will get the kids moving. You can browse their ideas in the article One Piece of Chalk, 8 Active Games.

Tools and materials:


5. Paper Chains

Daisy Chains

Add some colour to the holidays with paper chains. This project has plenty of fun variations to keep your kids entertained. You can use craft scissors to cut decorative edges, draw or paint on paper to create unique designs and make the paper chains as big or small as you want! Paper chains make beautiful decorations and are a fun craft project to keep little hands busy.

Tool and materials:

•  Craft Scissors
•  Markers (to decorate)
•  Glue stick
•  Paper

6. DIY Rainbow Glitter Slime

DIY Slime

When it comes entertaining the kids, slime is a real crowd pleaser. Our DIY slime is as fun to make as it is to play with. We have 3 different recipe tutorials, including rainbow scented glitter slime, hologram slime and glow in the dark slime.

Tools and materials:

•  Kids Scented Glitter Glue (Strawberry)
•  Kids Scented Glitter Glue (Apple)
•  Kids Scented Glitter Glue (Blueberry)
•  Kids Scented Glitter Glue (Pineapple)
•  Kids Scented Glitter Glue (Grape)
•  Clear School Glue 147ml
•  Water
•  Towels Laundry detergent
•  Baking Soda
•  Measuring jug
•  Mixing bowl
•  Teaspoon
•  Desert spoon
•  Hologram Slime
•  PVA glue
•  Glitter
•  Water
•  Towels
•  Laundry detergent
•  Baking Soda
•  Measuring jug
•  Mixing bowl
•  Teaspoon
•  Desert spoon

7. Bedroom Door Letter

Bedroom Door Letter

Let your kids personalise the door to their room with a painted letter that represents their first name or nickname. You can find plain wooden letters at many arts and craft stores, then all you need is a brush and some coloured paints to bring it to life.

Tools and materials:

•  Acrylic paint
•  Glitter paint
•  Metallic paint
•  Paint brush
•  Wooden letter

8. Air Hardening Clay Pot Plants

DIY Pot Plants

We couldn’t have a list of easy kid’s craft ideas without including air hardening clay pot plants. Simply take a ball of air hardening clay and show your kids how to gently pinch in the middle with both thumbs to create a bowl shape. They’ll then need to press the bottom of the bowl onto a flat surface to give it a stable shape that will keep it standing upright. Let the pot dry (check the packaging for instructions) and prepare your paints. Once the pot is dry, it’s time for your child to decorate it with pictures, patterns or their favourite colour. Cover the dry paint with a coat of lacquer and let it dry to help protect their beautiful creation. Now it’s time for some gardening! Put some soil and your chosen plant inside (we highly recommend succulents as they are one of the easiest to maintain).

Tools and materials:

•  Air hardening clay
•  Acrylic  or ceramic paint
•  Lacquer
•  Succulents
•  Soil

9. Modelling Clay Creatures and Characters

Kids modelling clay2

Create 3D worlds with coloured modelling clay! Kids will love exploring this fun medium and creating whatever they want – from monsters, to cartoon characters and animals. This is a fantastic holiday project that will keep your kids entertained for hours.

Tools and materials:

  Modelling clay

10. Painted Rock Owls

Rock Owls 2Your kids will have a hoot with this painted rock craft project for the holidays. All you need is some smooth stones, acrylic paint, fine tip markers and a brush to create these cute owls. You can also apply this idea to their favourite creature or character. To get started, check out our Rock Owl video tutorial.

Tools and materials:

•  Acrylic paints
•  Fine tip markers
•  Brush washer
•  Acrylic paint brushes
•  Paint palette
•  Lacquer

Make sure there’s never a dull moment these school holidays with our easy craft ideas for kids. We’d love to see your designs, so don’t forget to tag @montmarteart or #montmarteart to show us what you’ve created.

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