Water Mixable Oil Paint 37ml - Zinc White


Barcode: 9328577027727


Mont Marte H20 Water Mixable Oil Paint dries to a satin finish. It is a medium to heavy bodied paint which can be diluted with water. Drying times vary between colours and thickness of coatings.

Click Here: H20 Water Mixable Oil Paint - Star, Moon and Pigment Breakdowns


  • Mixable with traditional oil paint, linseed based mediums and turpentine
  • Mixable with Acrylic and Gouache paints
  • Can be diluted with water (recommended up to maximum 25%)
  • Easily washes up with water

For an introduction to Mont Marte H20 Water Mixable Oil Paints please refer to the information sheet under the INFO tab.

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