Cartoon Clay White 100g


Barcode: 9328577018220


Knead Mont Marte Cartoon Clay into any shape imaginable, even combine colours to mix any colour you want! Cartoon Clay will provide hours of entertainment for the entire family. Let your creativity run wild with this fun new product!


  • Air Hardening - time varies depending on size of model
  • Colour mixable - create unlimited colours
  • Lightweight
  • Fun and easy to mould
  • Soft and pliable for ease of shaping
  • Water based
  • Maintains size when dry
  • Can be painted, vanished, glued, drilled or embellished


  • Keep sealed when not in use
  • Cartoon Clay should be stored at room temperature
  • Regularly turn to ensure all sides are dry
  • Do not dry in microwave or oven
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Demo - Cartoon Clay 100g