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10 tips for using charcoal

Posted Mar 27, 2020
Tags: Drawing Tips Pencil Care

Want to try your hand at charcoal drawing or brush up on your skills? We’ve pulled together our top tips for working with this versatile medium and getting the most out of your sticks and pencils. 1. Understand the different types of charcoalDid you know that charcoal comes in different types? Below is a rundown of each one and what they’re good for.Willow charcoal sticks: This type of charcoal is made from natural willow wood. It’s generally quite soft which makes it great for free flowing strokes and blending. Woodless charcoal pencils: Woodless (compressed) charcoal pencils are slightly harder than willow and create a dark, rich mark. You can use them for covering large areas or creating fine lines. Charcoal pencils: If you need to create linework, charcoal pencils will come in...

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Watercolour Pencil Techniques and Tips

Watercolour pencils offer a world of creative possibilities. Their ability to achieve a range of painting and drawing effects makes them one of the most versatile art mediums you can use. To help you get the most out of your set, we’ve put together a list of our top watercolour pencil techniques and care tips.1. Sharpen with a Hobby KnifeSince watercolour pencils are held together with dissolving binders, they are generally softer than coloured pencils. Using a standard sharpener can damage the colour strips, so give your set the care they need by carefully sharpening them with a hobby knife instead.2. Store and Carry in a BoxWhen you transport or store your watercolour pencils, keep them bound together with a rubber band and put them in a box. A fabric pencil case won’t offer the prot...

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Pencils

Posted Apr 06, 2016
Tags: Pencil Care

Ever wondered why your pencils are breaking when you sharpen them, how you can’t get a nice sharp point without the sharpener eating up your pencil or how you can sharpen your pencils when you don't have a sharpener?   If you want to avoid breakage and fracture, preserve the integrity and maximise the life of your pencils, practice the following tips:Avoid breakage through use:Don’t press too hard when using the pencil. Keep pencil as vertical as possible when colouring.  The colour strip is more inclined to break when pencil is used at a very acute (small) angle. When colouring a large surface area with the side of the colour strip, support the pencil with your hand in order to brace the pencil. Avoid breakage when sharpening:Ensure the sharpener is not blunt.  If the sharpener is...

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