6 DIY party decoration ideas

6 DIY party decoration ideas

Posted Aug 16, 2018
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Get the party started with some colourful, cheeky and cute DIY decorations. From watercolour lanterns to a pizza bunting – there’s bound to be something to tickle your fancy.

1. Painted balloons

Painted balloons craft box girls4Image credit: Craft Box Girls

Make your balloons really pop (visually of course) with some funky designs! Use acrylic paint to add patterns and shapes, or turn them into characters for kids’ parties.

Tools and materials:

• Paint palette
• Acrylic paint brushes
• Acrylic paints
• Balloons

2. Watercolour lanterns

Watercolour lanterns Brit + Co

Image credit: Brit + Co

Bring your lanterns to life with a splash of watercolour paint. Before you decorate your lanterns, explore some different ideas and effects by playing around on watercolour paper first. 

Tools and materials:

Paint palette
Watercolour paint brushes
Watercolour paints
• Plain white paper lanterns
• Jar of water
• Paper towel

3. Pizza bunting

Pizza Garland Darice 2

Image credit: Live, Craft, Love

We love this pizza bunting idea from Live, Craft, Love. If you’d prefer a slice of pie or cake, any triangle shaped food or object will work for this crafty idea. We’ll be making a string of watermelon slices.

Tools and materials:
•  Acrylic paint brushes
•  Acrylic paint
•  Sequins
•  Glue
•  String
•  Card stock
•  Hole punch

4. Golden leaves

Painted Leaves

Bring your party tables to life with some painted leaves. Scatter them around or arrange them in a vase or series of small vases. Do whatever works for your table setting!

Tools and materials:

•  Leaves (real or fake)
•  Acrylic paint brushes
•  Gold acrylic paint or spray paint

5. DIY party hats

DIY Party Hats Brit + Co6

 Image credit: Brit + Co

Decorate your guests with DIY party hats! To get started, print or trace a party hat template onto card stock and cut it out, then roll it into a cone shape and secure it using sticky tape. You can then attach your elastic by stapling it or punching two holes and tying it on. Now comes the fun part. Decorate your hats using paint, glitter, stickers, markers, sequins or other bits and pieces. Work to a theme or just go wild and have some fun with your designs.

Tools and materials:

• Card stock
Acrylic paint
• Sequins
• Elastic
• Hole punch
Paint brushes
Glitter  or glitter paint
• Party hat template
• Sticky tape
• Stapler
• Scissors
• Crepe paper

6. Painted pegs

Painted Pegs

If you’re looking for a subtle touch of colour, paint some pegs and use them on a garland or bunting. You can also hang up a piece of string and peg up images or Polaroids.

Tools and materials:

•  Pegs
•  Acrylic paint brushes
•  Acrylic paint

If you’ve got some creative DIY party decoration ideas, we’d love to see them. Share them with us using #montmarteart on your Facebook or Instagram posts.

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