DIY Gold Leafing

DIY Gold Leafing

Posted Jul 11, 2017
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Do you have a thing for DIYing, upcycling or just prettying up a pre-existing item that’s laying around and not getting loved anymore? This week we’ve been looking at gold foil techniques and the many wonderful ways you can use it in your art or DIY. Below are a few of our favourite projects we’ve come across, try them and you might be surprised to see how easy it is to work with gold leaf!

 DIY Marbled Gold Foil Planters Title2

Image Source: Gold Standard Workshop

Gold Foil Pot Plants

Perfect for sprucing up your garden and adding a touch of glint to catch the sunlight!  Or, revamp your tired old indoor pot plants and create some inspiring and unique décor.

Materials you will need:

  • Pots of any size
  • Foam brush or paintbrush
  • Spray paint or acrylic paints or of your choice (optional)
  • Adhesive (gold foil glue or Leafing Size)
  • Gold leaf sheets
  • Painter’s tape
  • Clear spray varnish
  • Cactus or succulents of your choice

Find our step by step mini lessons here.

HANDY TIP: Use a soft brush to avoid the leaf flaking off the hard surface of the pots.


IMG 9532 1024x830

 Image Source: The Crafted Life

Gold Leaf Votive Candle Holder

Looking for relaxation with a touch of panache?  These little candle holders are great for adding gold as a highlight colour for your bedroom, bathroom or living room.

Materials you will need:

We loved this little lesson we found here.

HANDY TIP: Wear cotton gloves when applying leaf to ensure it doesn’t stick to your hands.


Wooden Bowls with Gold Leaf 6

Image Source: This Heart of Mine

Gold Leaf Trinket Bowl

These bowls are beautiful for storing jewellery, rings and earrings with style.  Most of us have wooden bowls stored away in the pantry or sideboard – give them a makeover and entertain or decorate to your heart’s content.

Materials you will need:

Find our suggested lesson for this project here.

HANDY TIP: Seal the inside of the bowl with spray varnish so the leaf stays intact and unmarked.


gold 7

Image Source: Home-Dzine

Gold Leaf Initial Stones

Personalise your next entertaining event with handmade initial stones instead of traditional place cards.  Alternatively they make for a unique gift idea, and they’re also beautiful little personalised paperweights.

Materials you will need:

  • Pebbles or smooth river rocks, thoroughly washed and dried
  • Gold leaf sheets
  • Double-sided sticky tape
  • Small brush
  • Small sharp scissors or craft knife

Check out this handy little tutorial we discovered here.

HANDY TIP: Speed-dry with a hairdryer.


gold leaf and glitter balloons 13

Image Source: The Happy Home

Gold Leaf Balloons

Goodbye store bought, dime-a-dozen balloons! Hello beautiful, glitzy and glamorous balloons for your next party. Use your favourite cut-outs for ready-made designs or create your own.

Materials you will need:

  • Balloons - choose a few different colours for varied effects
  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Gold leaf sheets
  • Adhesive (Leafing Size)
  • Paintbrush

Find out how to make your own dazzling balloons with this simple tutorial here.

HANDY TIP: Double tie balloons to secure while handling and applying leaf.  This will stop any extra air getting out.

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