10 quick and easy creative ideas

10 quick and easy creative ideas

Posted Sep 13, 2019
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Whether you’ve got 5 minutes or an hour, there’s always time to create. We know that sometimes a busy schedule can get in the way of doing what you love, but we’ve found a few ways to keep the good times rolling. Here are 10 quick and easy creative ideas anyone can add to their day.

1. Experiment with paint textures

Abstract painting

Creativity doesn’t have to have an end goal. A quick way to express yourself is by playing around with some paint and creating different textures. You can do this by using different tools such as a sponge, paint brush or a palette knife.

2. Play with polymer clay

Polymer clay rainbow

Got a few minutes? That’s all you need to create a simple sculpture. Try building a rainbow or a flower from polymer clay.

3. Splash some watercolour paint around

Watercolour Techniques YouTUbe

Watercolour painting is a fun and relaxing way to explore your creativity and discover new techniques. You don’t need to have a plan or end result in mind, just see what happens. Check out our video on watercolour techniques for some ideas.

4. Make a collage

Paper craft

If you’ve got some old magazines, newspaper or scrap paper lying around, give them new life with a collage. It’s a great way to recycle and get those creative juices flowing.

5. Draw a loose sketch

Sketching surroundings 2

Before you get started on this easy creative idea, remind yourself that it doesn’t need to be perfect. A loose, or rough, sketch is exactly that. It’s not polished; it’s just a quick drawing of what you see around you or what’s on your mind.

6. Start an inspiration journal

Inspiration journal

An inspiration journal doesn’t have to be daily. It doesn’t even have to be weekly. You can add to it whenever you have time, or just make your entries short and sweet. Draw, paint, write or stick in ideas from magazines.

7. Colour a pattern

Painted pattern

Start with a pencil and lightly draw a pattern such as checkers, circles or triangles. Next, paint or colour in each area with a different colour. That’s it – easy right?

8. Colour in a picture

Colouring in

If you need to take a moment to relax, get out your coloured pencils and start colouring. This is a great way to fit creativity into your day, especially when you’re feeling mentally drained and don’t know where to start.

9. Stamp some leaves

Leaf printing

Did you know that you can print just about any leaf? Simply find a leaf you like, gently apply a thin coat of paint to the back of it and press it onto a canvas or sheet of paper. It may take a few goes to get the amount of paint right, but the results are beautiful. You can even try it with certain types of flowers!

10. Illustrate your favourite foods

Food drawing

Food is a part of every day, so why not use it to fuel your creativity? Some simple food doodles are a great way to get creative when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare.

Next time you need a creative outlet but don’t have much time, give one of these quick and easy creative ideas a go. Don’t forget to tag us using @montmarteart on Facebook or Instagram to show us what you’ve created.

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