10 Fun School Holiday DIY Projects

10 Fun School Holiday DIY Projects

Posted Sep 11, 2017
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Looking for some fun and simple DIY projects to keep the kids creative over the school holidays? Look no further - we've rounded up 10 amazing projects that they can give a go. Some of them look so good even us adults on the Mont Marte Creative Team want to try them out!

Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Paper Beads from Minieco

Image Source: Minie Co

1. Paper Beads

 We love this simple yet effective DIY! You can customise it many ways, by cutting your paper pieces up differently (rendering different sized and shaped beads), seal them with a glitter glue instead of plain glue and add embellishments afterwards such as small stickers and glitter.


-       Magazine pages, newspaper, or origami paper (we suggest our Kids Construction Paper) 

-       White glue

-       Something smooth to roll the bead around - the handle of a paintbrush, dowels, pencils or pens

-       Scissors

-       Varnish - spray or water based brush-on acrylic (optional)

We loved the colourful tutorial we discovered here

HANDY TIP: Experiment with paper length and width to make beads of different shapes and sizes.


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Chalkpaint Chalkboard

Image Source: Mont Marte International

2. DIY Chalkboard with Chalkboard Paint

This DIY is super simple and cost effective to create. You can even customise it to have a fixed spot rather than a moveable board. Just pick a spot on the wall of the play area (or in bedrooms!) and start measuring. Small hands can help out with the bigger sceneries such as the blue sky or green grass.


-       Green Chalkboard Paint 250ml

-       Black Chalkboard Paint 250ml

-       Purple Chalkboard Paint 250ml

-       Yellow Chalkboard Paint 250ml

-       Magenta Chalkboard Paint 250ml

-       Blue Chalkboard Paint 250ml

-       Artist Taklon Brush - Flat Wide 50mm

Find a step-by-step video on this project here.

HANDY TIP: Masonite can be purchased from most hardware stores and comes in 3 mm and 4.8 mm sizing. You can also use other wood based panels such as MDF which also make a great chalkboard.


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Pipecleaner Pets Handmade Charlotte

Image Source: Handmade Charlotte

3. Pipe Cleaner Pets 

Pipe cleaner pets are a great introductory art project to do with young artists, and they are super cute, friendly and mess free! Each pet has its own personality and there are endless options to creating each whimsical little face.


-       Card stock (we suggest our Fluro Art Card)

-       Pipe cleaners/chenille stems

-       Scissors

-       Thin marker

-       Tape

-       Posable Pet Pals Template

Click here to discover the cute little lesson we found. 

HANDY TIP: Make the bunny bodies a little thicker by using a thick marker to wrap the pipe cleaners, or loosen the wrapping at the centre. And remember: bunnies have tiny tails and short legs!


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Fidget Spinners from Red Ted Art

Image Source: Red Ted Art 

4. DIY FIdget Spinners 

Fidget spinners have been the biggest craze of 2017 for quite a while, but did you know you can DIY your own!? Take a few simple materials that are most likely lying around the house already and voila! Your own fidget spinner for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.


-       Cardboard (we suggest our Fluro Art Card)

-       A toothpick

-       2 x 5c coins

-       Glue stick

-       Strong PVA glue

-       A pin

-       Scissors

-       A homemade template

There are so many of these projects out there but we liked this one

HANDY TIP: Use a generous amount of glue so your spinner stays together for longer!


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Fluffy Slime from Landeelu.com

Image Source: Landeelu.com

5. Fluffy 3 Ingredient Slime

Who hasn’t wanted to make their own slime at one point! This easy peasy 3 ingredient slime (with the option of colour) is so gooey, slimy and delicious, and contains the right proportions so your recipe turns out perfect every time!


-       White school glue

-       Shaving cream

-       Contact solution

-       Optional: food colouring

Again, there are so many slime option out there, but we loved this simple one here.

HANDY TIP: If your slime is too “watery” add some more shaving cream and keep kneading until it has a sticky consistency.


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Spinner Rock Art from Mericherry

Image Source: Meri Cherry 

6. Spin Art Rocks 

Spin art rocks are so out of this world with their brilliant hues and unique patterns - no two end up being alike! The best thing about them is you can make this DIY project with materials from your garden and some paints - a simple and fun project to keep the kids entertained over the holidays!


-       Rocks of different sizes and shapes

-       Salad spinner

-       Non toxic paints (such as poster paint, tempera etc) in squeeze bottles so they are easier for little hands to handle

We liked this little tutorial we found here.

HANDY TIP: After spinning, handle rocks carefully and lay to dry on baking paper. Use them as present toppers, display them in a dish together or dot them around the garden for a pop of colour!


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - DIY Backpacks from Kids Activities Blog

Image Source: Kids Activities Blog

7. DIY Backpacks with Fabric Paint Sticks 

Having your own personalised backpack is pretty much currency in school, and what better way to own a unique piece than to make it! Take a few markers, some endless imaginations and a backpack colour that will serve as the background and watch a little masterpiece come to life!


(For the DIY notebook doodle backpack) 

-       White backpack

-       Fabric marker – Bright Blue

-       Fabric marker – Red

-       Extra fine tip markers

-       Ruler

-       Pencil

For this project and other cool variations click here.

HANDY TIP: Allow the background to dry before adding details, so that the marker colours don’t blur!


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - DIY Puffy Paint from The 36th Avenue

Image Source: The 36th Avenue 

8. Puffy Paint 

Let your creations break into the third dimension with this easy to make puffy paint recipe! With the option of creating endless colours by dividing the mixture into separate bowls for as many colours as you want, they are great for embellishing tshirts, backpacks or for canvas or paper!


Makes 1 cup of paint 

-       1 cup white school glue

-       1 cup shaving cream

-       Food coloring

-       Disposable foam bowls

-       Plastic forks

-       Plastic zip bags

-       Scissors

-       White cardstock or construction paper for painting

For step-by-step instructions click here.

HANDY TIP: For larger quantities use equal parts of glue and shaving cream.


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Fantasy Eggs from Adventure in a Box

Image Source: Adventure in a Box

9. Fantasy Dragon & Mermaid Eggs 

How magical are these eggs!? A slightly more advanced project, these air drying clay creations turn out amazing no matter how you decorate them. Make impressions with shells and add details such as beads, crystals, glitter, sea glass and anything else that you like. After the clay is dry, you can add painting embellishments to create another layer of depth for your egg.


-       Aluminum foil

-       Air drying clay

-       Liquid watercolours or food colouring

-       Acrylic beads, jewels and stones; seashells, beach glass and rocks; anything else that might embellish a dragon’s egg

Click here for a little tutorial on making these beautiful eggs.

HANDY TIP: After adding beads, shells and embellishments, let the clay dry for 24 hours. Any painted details or indentations you’d like to accentuate with watercolour can now be added.


Mont Marte School Holiday DIY Projects - Pinecone Art from Art Bar Blog

Image Source: Art Bar Blog

 10. Art Assemblage with Pasta and Pine Cones 

These gorgeous mixed media projects are perfect for little hands to get stuck into, and for older kids as they require a few steps that they’ll be able to do without supervision. All you need are some strong, clean sticks or twigs, a few pine cones (if they’re available in your area, otherwise leaves and nuts work just as well), pasta and some nicely coloured tempera paints.


Part one

-       Twigs & pinecones

-       Pasta

-       Tempera paint

 Part two

-       Yarn (if you want to wrap two branches together, or even just to wrap around one branch)

-       Craft wire

Find the how-to tutorial here

HANDY TIP: All supervisor art teachers (i.e. mum, dad, grandparents, fun aunt/uncle) can assist younger hands with the pasta-beaded wire as they are wrapped around the sticks.

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