10 art studio storage ideas

10 art studio storage ideas

Posted Feb 12, 2019
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There’s no better time than the present to get your creative space in order. Whether your room is big or small, these top 10 art studio storage ideas will help transform your space in no time!

1. Drawer dividers (or cutlery organiser)

Art studio storage drawer divider

Installing some simple drawer dividers or using a cutlery organiser is a great way to take your storage space to the next level.

2. Paint tube rack

Art studio storage paint tube rack 5

Keep all your paints where you can see them by mounting a paint tube rack on your wall.

3. Crates

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If you’ve got bits-and-pieces floating around your studio (we all do), chuck them in a wooden crate. This art storage idea might seem basic, but you’ll be surprised at how much neater your space will be!

4. Jars

Art studio storage jars

Re-use old jars or mugs as paint brush or stationery holders. This simple touch can make a world of difference to your desk.

5. Art box

Art studio storage art box

Keeping your supplies in an art box not only keeps your studio tidy, it also makes it easy to take them on the move.

6. Pharmacy cabinet

Art studio storage pharmacy cabinet

Old pharmacy cabinets give your studio a stylish vintage look while making it easy to keep your paints, pencils, pastels and other bits-and-pieces organised.

7. Box easel

Art studio storage box easel

Maximise your space with an easel that has a built-in storage box. It will keep your supplies close at hand while you work and give you more room in your studio.

8. Adjustable bookshelf

Art studio storage shelves

Bookshelves with adjustable shelves make a fantastic place to store artworks – big and small.

9. Studio tidy

Art studio storage studio tidy

Get your desk sorted with a studio tidy. These are great for everything from clay tools, to markers and paint brushes.

10. Wire storage drawers

Art studio storage wire drawers

We like using wire storage drawers because you can see what’s in them at a glance. These can be really handy for tubs of paint and other larger items.

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